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FireAlert Trigger Settings

At the moment this menu is availible five times. Here you make your individual for each trigger. At the top of the menu you can see the trigger color.

Trigger Text - Enter here a string or number for the trigger. FireAlert checks (depends on the setting 'Search') if there is a match. If you use upper case or lower case is not important for the program. If you enter a sender number, it's important you enter it without a seperator and with the country code. Example: +4912345678. You also can enter a part of the sender number! Even you can enter more then one word. In this case the number of spaces between the words have to be exact the same you want to. Leading and trailing spaces will be omitted. Example: Your trigger text is ' Alert SMS ' and in the message you get 'Alert sms.', the program will be triggered. A empty trigger text or a trigger text with just spaces is not active.

Search - Where to find the previous set 'Trigger Text'. You have the following options here 'Sender', 'Message' and 'Sender & Message'.

Trigger Name - Here you can give your trigger a name. This name will be shown in the head of the alert screen.

Notification Sound - For the notification sound you can choose from all on the mobile availible ringtones.

Volume - Sets the volume of the alert. During choosing the volume the before set notification sound will be played.

Vibrate - Here you can choose if the mobile should vibrate on a alert. You can choose out of a little list of vibrate pattern (this section will be enhanced).

Enable Screen on - On Alert the screen will be turned on, if the mobile is in standby. Additionally the key lock will be disabled until you confirm the alert.

Dim Screen - This option is just availible, if the option 'Enable Screen on' is activated. If this option is activated the screen will be dimmed. This will save battery.

Duration - Set here the time until the sound/vibration should stop and the mobile is allowed to go back to standby.

Test - Here you can test your settings.