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FireAlert General Settings

Enable FireAlert - Is this option deactivated, the program is disabled. Just with this option activated a alert can work.

Volume Modus - Choose, if all triggers should be silent, quiet or working in normal mode, which means, that the volume set in the trigger option will be used.

Use speaker - Activate this, if you want play the alert sound over the speakers, instead of headphones, if there are some connected. Both outputs is not possible!

Background-Color - The background color of the messages. At the moment there is just white and black availible.

SMS order - Change the order the messages will be displayed.

Use received date/time - Check this, if you want use the received timestamp of the message, instead of the sent timestamp. This can be useful, if your provider is in another time zone.

Block SMS - If enabled, each SMS catched by FireAlert will be not forwared to other SMS applications. This works with the default SMS appliction. If you use Handcent SMS or GO SMS Pro there is a chance that it's working of 50:50, because they use a similar handling of the messages.

Widget Mode - Here you can define which functions to be controled by the widget. You can select the mode to switch Silent/Quiet/Active and the mode to switch Disabled/Silent/Quiet/Active (this is the default setting). Note: If you choose the mode Silent/Quiet/Active, you have to be verify that FireAlert is activated!

Write Log-File - If enabled, writes a log file for each incoming SMS/MMS to your external memory to the folder FireAlert/logs. Please enable this only if you have a problem and get asked from the developer.

Copy Tones - Press once here if you want copy the two sound from FireAlert to the external memory (e.g. SD-Card). This is needed to use them in the programm. On install the app will do this automaticlly, but if at this time no SD-Card is mounted, this process will fail.