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FireAlert 2 Message Trigger

Tab 'General'

The tab 'General' contains the general trigger options. Here you give the trigger a name, set the color and the filter on the message that will create the alarm. Before you can save the trigger, you have to enter a trigger name and one of the fields Trigger (Sender) or Trigger include (Subject/Body).

Trigger Name - Here you will name the trigger. This name will be shown in the trigger overview and in the headline of the alert screen. It will also be saved in the event that is catched by this trigger. But if you change the name, the event keeps the 'old' name. So you know which trigger catched this event originally.

Enabled - If checked, this trigger is enabled and will scan your messages. In the overview it will be shown as 'green'. If it's disabled, no action will be fired by this trigger and it will be shown as 'red' in the overview.

Save Event - If a message is catched by this trigger, this event will be saved in FireAlert 2 and you will see it in the main screen.

Wildcard Search (* and ?) - If checked, the wildcard search is enabled (and have to be used) on the fields Trigger (Sender), Trigger include (Subject/Body) and Trigger exclude (Subject/Body). The * stands for a unknown number of characters and the ? stands for a single character.

Trigger (Sender) - This is the filter, if you want search for the sender of the message. You can enter here a number or text. Or you can connect a address book entry (search button).

Trigger include (Subject/Body) - Words/Strings enter here are the filter for the subject and message body. If it's match it will trigger a alarm. Words/Strings have to be separated by semicolon (;).

Search Condition - These are the search conditions for the field Trigger include (Subject/Body). Here you say if the keyword(s) are all have to be found (AND) or only one of the list have to match (OR).

Trigger exclude (Subject/Body) - Words/Strings entered here will be prevent to create a alarm. This can be used on updates for running event, you don't want get alerted anymore. Words/Strings have to be separated by semicolon (;).

Search Condition - These are the search conditions for the field Trigger exclude (Subject/Body). Here you say if the keyword(s) are all have to be found (AND) or only one of the list have to match (OR).

Priority - The priority of the tirgger have two functions. First, the tirggers are checked in order of the priority. The highest priority first. The second function is, if there is a alarm currently running, a event by a trigger with a higher priority will stop the current alarm and the new alarm will be started.

Color - Here you setup your individual color. With the three sliders you mix the colors red, green and blue. In the box under the slider you have the preview of the color. The color will be shown as border in the alert screen and marks the trigger in the overview and event list.

Tab 'Sound & Vibration'

In this Tab you setup everything related to the Sound and Vibration.

Sound - This is the sound which will be played by this trigger.

Device Settings - If this option activated, the volume for notification which is set globally will be used. The setting 'Volume' and 'Sound in silent mode' will be disabled.

Volume - The volume, the sound will be played by this trigger.

Sound in silent mode - If enabled, the sound will be played, even if you have your device set to silent or vibration only.

Text-to-Speech - Activates the Text-to-Speech functionality. The incoming message will be spoken by the system for you. You will hear it after 5 seconds the sound is played. If you chosen a shorter time, it will start immediately after the sound. To use this option, a TTS engine have to be installed on your device. Make sure you have it configured for your language, or you may hear funny things.

Vibration - Turn on/off the vibration and let you choose the patter of the vibration.

Play Sound once - Is enabled, the selected sound will be played once and not in a loop. The Duration (Sound & Vibration) is disabled in this case. If Text-to-Speech is enabled, this comes additionally.

Duration (Sound & Vibration) - The time, how long the sound and vibration should be played.

Tab 'Display'

In this tab you setup everything the visible notifications.

Alert Screen - For messages, there are several screens to choose from, which will be displayed by an alarm.

Notification Bar - If enabled, you will get an additional notification in your notification bar.

Turn Screen On - Turns the screen on and disable the keylock to show you immediately the alarm message.

Dimm Screen (Saves battery) - If check and the screen on option is activated. The screen will be turn on dimmed, which will saves battery.

Duration (Screen) - Set here, how long the screen should be turned on.

Use Flash-Light - The option for the camera flash-light. Here you turn it on/off and let you choose the patter of the flash-light. Attention: Not every device with a flash-light is supported, even if you can enable it here in this option!

Duration Flash-Light - The time how long the flash-light should be activated.

Tab 'Time'

Setup a repeater and scheduler on this tab.

Reminder - Enable/Disable the reminder and set the time when the alarm should be repeated. This option is only available if the duration of sound&vibration, screen and flash-light (when enabled) are set to a time and not set to endless.

Repeat - Set the amount for repeats for this trigger.

Scheduler (From - To) - The range of time the trigger is active. If from/to are equal, it's always 24 hours.

Weekdays - The weekdays the trigger is active.

Time Zone Correction - Changes the time stamp of the send time of the message. This can be used, when your provider is located in another time zone than you.