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FireAlert 2 Trigger Settings

The overview of the trigger. The headline contains the menu button (three white lines) and the filter indicator (small dark grey line). Then following the trigger are listed in alpabetic order by trigger name. The trigger type are indicated by a symbol. The letter identify the SMS / MMS trigger and the Call trigger by the handset. The color of the icon identify, if the trigger enabled or disabled. Green stands for enabled and red for disabled. Under the blue line are just short summary of the trigger filter.


This is the menu of the trigger settings. You can open this by pushing the three white lines or the menu key of your device.

Add Trigger - shows the context menu to add a new trigger

Filter List - shows the context menu to filter the trigger list by trigger type

Show All Trigger - removes the filter on the trigger list

Back - goes back to the event list



After a long-push on a trigger in the list, you get this context menu. The title shows the trigger name.

Enable/Disable - (depending on state) you can enable/disable the tigger without going into the edit mode

Edit - enter into the edit mode. Same happens, if you just push once the trigger

Copy - copy the selected trigger into a new disabled trigger. The new name will be 'Copy of <Trigger Name>'

Delete - delete the selected trigger after a security question


This dialog will be shown, if you choosed 'Add Trigger' or 'Filter List'.

SMS / MMS - creates a new SMS /MMS trigger or show only SMS / MMS trigger in the overview

Call - creates a new Call trigger or show only Call trigger in the overview