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FireAlert - SMS/MMS Alert for Android

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FireAlert is the perfect solution for Firefighters and other profession's where missing a text is not an option! It can be used by
- Firefighters
- emergency medical services (EMS)
- coastguard
- mountain rescue service
- Red Cross
- and many more
Beside the rescue organistations, you can use FireAlert to monitor server and control systems.
To use FireAlert you must already receive SMS/MMS which will require your special attention.

What offers FireAlert?
- supports SMS and flash-SMS
- supports MMS (Beta)
- display the message in a pop-up
- at the moment 5 trigger that can be set up separatly
- use of own sounds
- play sound even when mobile is in silent mode
- different vibration pattern
- turn on phone from 'sleep mode'
- test function for each trigger
- saves the text messages
- widget to control some settings

FireAlert is free and without any advertisement. FireAlert is made to save life and save goods. I develope FireAlert in my free-time, like we all do our job in the organisation, for free.
There is just one thing, if you use FireAlert, please help me to make it better! Write me your ideas and be a part of the development.
Due to the mostly very good feedback, there is already a new version in the development, which will include all your ideas.

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Important notice:

This is my first application for Android. I can't guarantee that this application works properly. I even can't be responsible for missed text messages or other disturbance. I made this application with my best knowledge at first place for my own use. With the thought this application can be useful to others, I decided to make it public for free and without any advertising. If there is any idea to make this application better or you find a bug, do not hesitate to contact me. Be fair and contact me first before you go for a bad comment. A future developing is already in my mind. Thank you for your understanding!